Sr. Virginia Scally

Sister Ginny Scally was educated by the Sisters of Notre Dame in her home parish of St. Gregory's in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She joined them after graduating from high school. Like most SND's, her professional life began as a teacher in an elementary setting. Because of her involvement in the parish religious education programs in those early years, she also was influenced by the spiritual needs and hungers of the laity she met. As a result of those encounters, she chose to pursue graduate studies in Theology with an emphasis on Scripture and Spirituality. She was a Pastoral Administrator in priestless parishes (Read "pastoring person!) in the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan for over 20 years, completed a hospital chaplain's residency and served as the Coordinator of Catholic Pastoral Services at the North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts. Ginny was recently appointed one of the three Support Coordinators serving in the Northeast Region of the East West Province and continues to live in Peabody, Massachusetts.



  1. I lost Ginny's contact info and want to wish her a happy Birthday. We met at campus ministers' training a long time ago. Please forward this to her. Thank you

  2. Happy Birthday to Ginny! I lost her contact information. We met during campus ministry certification many years ago. Last saw her in Saginaw a few years ago. Please forward this to her. All my best wishes and prayers. Thank you. Fr Clyde Foster

  3. Ginny was a childhood friend, the inspirational leader and planner for all our little group's activities. She helped teach me to ride a bike, organized apple-bobbing and trick or treat Halloween escapades on Washington St. My Dad's family lived in Ipswich and I would think of you whenever we passed Notre Dame on Topsfield Road. You are think sometimes in my thoughts these days, especially when I get a monthly visit from a sister of mercy with whom I have a friendship during monthly treatments at Miriam hospital.
    I hope you are well and stay well. You were the most vivacious and creative young girl in my early life and, as you see, left a warm and treasured spot in my heart.

    1. Dear Arthur,

      Thank you for your lovely message to Sr. Ginny. I apologize for the delay in acknowledging it, but can assure you that I have forwarded it to her.


      (For the Sisters)

  4. Hi Ginny!
    I "Googled" your name because Ed and I are doing a road trip around Michigan at the end of the month, and hoped to visit you. Looks like we will need to do another to Massachusetts!
    I hope that you are doing well and are happy and healthy. We are enjoying our retirement years, our four children and three grandchildren.
    You will always have a special place in my heart and were a vital part of my spiritual formation.

    1. Hello Rita, and thank you for your message to Sr. Ginny. I've sent it on to her.


      (for the Sisters)

  5. Thought of Camp Massasoit and meeting my "cuz". Hope you are well and I join a long list of people who have warm memories and wishes for your happiness. Kate Ryan Miller

    1. Thanks for your message, Kate! I have sent it on to Sister Ginny.

      (for the Sisters)

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