Sr. Marilyn Pechillo

Sr. Marilyn Pechillo grew up in Baltimore, MD and Stratford, CT.  She met the SNDdeNs in high school and entered Notre Dame in 1961. Sr. Marilyn studied Classics at Emmanuel College, Trinity in Hartford and Loyola University of Chicago. She taught in high school and college for many years, including several years at Trinity College (now Trinity University) in Washington, D.C. and two years at Loyola of Chicago's Rome Center.  Sr. Marilyn also served in province leadership.

In more recent years, Sr. Marilyn has worked in pastoral ministry with SNDeNs and lay residents at Notre Dame Health Care in Worcester, where she served as Pastoral Care Associate and transition companion.  She continues her ministry as an instructor in the Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center. Sr. Marilyn also serves on the US Anti-racism team.



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