As a Notre Dame-AmeriCorps Volunteer

A partnership between the Notre Dame Mission Volunteer program (NDMV) and AmeriCorps (a federal program), Notre Dame-AmeriCorps believes that education is the fundamental tool in the struggle of the poor for human dignity, self-esteem and self-determination.

Volunteers are recruited from communities and college campuses nationwide and work to empower the poor through education. They tutor children and adults (literacy, GED, and ESL), teach conflict resolution and organize after-school activities. (Read about volunteer Katie Ziparo's after-school activity that was a hit in Watsonville.)

Since 1992 over 300 people have served as Notre Dame AmeriCorps volunteers throughout the United States. These diverse volunteers were brought together by common ideals of service, educational empowerment, community building and a desire to translate spiritual values into action.

Without a doubt, our volunteers leave a lasting impact on the people they serve.

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