Sr. Joanne Sullivan

Sister Joanne was born in Lowell, MA, to parents John and Ann (Sleison) Sullivan. She has one brother. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1970. Sister earned a degree in English and education from Salem State University and a master's degree in Counseling from Fairfield University. She lives in Andover, MA.

Sister Joanne's Ministries


1973-75 St. John School, Peabody, MA
1975-85 St. Mary School, Lawrence, MA
1985-92 St. Gregory School, Dorchester, MA
1992-95 St. Clare School, Roslindale, MA
1998-Present St. Patrick School and Educational Center, Lowell, MA (Principal)



  1. Hello Sr. Joanne Sullivan. I attended St. Michael's School with you. I think it was the 3rd grade with Sr. Bertha, one of my favorite teacher's. Glad to see you have done well. BEST, JoAnn Dunlavey

    1. Dear JoAnn,

      thanks very much for your note to Sr. Joanne! I've forwarded it to her.

      (For the Sisters)

  2. Sister Joanne was the single most influential teacher in my life. A week does not pass without my recalling her fondly, whether it be a memory of a poetic insight, a kind gesture, or the respect of being seen and understood. As an educator myself, I am grateful for the love and devotion she brought to her own vocation. I strive to emulate her and carry her lessons with me to this day.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Sr. Joanne, Cheryl! I'll make sure she sees your message.

      (For the Sisters)

  3. Hi Joanne, It has been a very long time. I am so happy to see how well you are doing. It sounds like you have touched many souls in positive ways. I am not surprised. You have a warm and engaging personality and spiritual groundedness. A fond memory was standing around a piano that you were playing sing-along music. In-depth conversations about religious life and spirituality is also a memory I remember fondly. I hope you are well and being safe.
    I have been in Maine since 1993 and love it. Over the years I have done a variety of things including a memoir of my life as a nun. It's a work in progress!
    I hope we will get a chance to get together at some point. I would love to hear from you.
    Love, Karen

    1. Dear Karen,

      Profound apologies for not approving your message sooner and getting it to Sr. Joanne! I don't know how it was missed. I have emailed it to her, along with your email address.

      (for the Sisters)

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