Sr. Joan (Julie St. John) Farley

Sister Joan was born in Worcester, MA, to parents John and Emma (Vachon) Farley. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1950, taking the religious name Sr. Julie St. John. She took her first vows in 1953 and perpetual vows in 1958. Sister celebrated her 70th year as a Sister of Notre Dame in 2020.

Sister Joan's Ministries


1956-1959 St. Teresa's Providence RI
1961-1969, 1971—East Catholic High School, Manchester, CT
1974 East Hartford, CT


  1. Dear Joan
    I was thinking of you today, realizing it has been a while since we have been in touch. But now I realize I missed your jubilee special date!! Belated blessings and prayers. And have I said how wonderful you look?! Ageless and so full of grace! I promise I will write more later. But happiness to you for a wonderful loyalty and piety in your commitment to your religious calling. Love, Ann B

    1. Thank you for your very nice message to Sr. joan, Ann, and many apologies for the delay in posting it! I've sent your message on to Sr Joan.

      (For the Sisters)

  2. Dear Sister,
    I was thinking about you. You and Peter Frank were my most favorite high school teachers and you both had a lot of confidence in me. I went on to earn degrees from Skidmore, Syracuse and Harvard and had a long career in government. I started out at the New York Port Authority when we were building the World Trade Center. I then moved to Washington, DC, where I worked on the construction of the subway. In 1976 I moved to the Virgin Islands where I was their economic development director. In 1980 I became a Californian. I was Pasadena's Assistant City Manager for 10 years and I still live in Pasadena. I then went on to head up the LA Metro for five years and then finished up my career as Director of Sanitation for Los Angeles.

    Along the way, I married my wonderful husband, Randy who is a successful real estate developer. Life has been good to us and we have tried hard to give back to our community, participating in a host of non-profits. We have five sons and six grandchildren, I am now retired, however I am Chair of the Board of Professional Child Development Associates, one of the largest non-profits in the country working with children and young adults on the autism spectrum. We have 1100 clients. It has kept me very busy, particularly in this pandemic when we have had to pivot to telemedicine. I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. It made a difference in my life.

    1. Thank you, Judy, for updating Sr. Joan about your wonderful life! I'll send your message on to her.

      (For the Sisters)

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