Sister Dianne (Mary Kenneth) Shaw

"Teach all that is necessary for life."
-St. Julie Billiart

I am the older of two children born in Lawrence, MA to Beatrice (Jeffrey) and Kenneth T. Shaw, with my brother, Ken being five years younger. Both of my parents were born in the U.S. while my maternal grandparents were immigrants from England. My dad's parents were born in the US.

I went to public school from Grade 1-Grade 8 and only encountered the Sisters of Notre Dame on Sundays as they directed Religious Education in St. Monica Parish, Methuen, MA. They were mysterious beings and, much to my dismay, my parents insisted that I got to St. Mary High School in Lawrence, MA. My adjustment was far from easy, but, as I go to know the Sisters I felt more at home.

To my own and others' utter amazement, I felt drawn to enter Notre Dame, in my mind, on a trial basis, in 1960. I discovered that I loved teaching and have been in some form of education ever since. I feel that the risk-taking in my life was moving to the inner city to live and work, then to rural New Hampshire and back again.

The move to New Mexico to be a School Counselor at St. Bonaventure Mission and School opened my eyes and heart to a new culture, the Navajos. After returning to Massachusetts after 8 years in New Mexico, I am now in my 60th year in Notre Dame, am retired and volunteering at Notre Dame Education Center in Lawrence, MA. I have loved every mission and ministry and feel blessed to have experienced first hand how good the good God is!

Sister Dianne's Ministries

1965-68  St. Gregory Elementary School, Dorchester, MA
1968-73  St. Augustine School, Lawrence, MA
1973-83 Elementary School Counselor, East Boston, MA
1983-90 Director of Religious Education, Enfield, NH
1990-2008 Elementary School Counselor, St. Augustine School. Lawrence, MA (Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish)
2008-2016 Elementary School Counselor, St. Bonaventure Mission & School Thoreau, NM
2016- retired, Volunteer Notre Dame Education Center, Lawrence, MA




    1. Hello Julie! Thanks for your note to Sr. Dianne. We'll make sure she receives your message and email address.

      (For the Sisters)

  1. Sr Dianne wow!
    What a great face to remember.
    I Had a difficult childhood, and she was always there for me.
    Thank you Sister Dianne for believing in me.

    P.S. I'd love to know if Sister Helen is still around from St Augustine's Lawrence?

    1. Thanks for your note to Sr. Dianne, Chablis. I've forwarded your message to her, along with your email address.

      (for the Sisters)

  2. You actually look the same as you did 25-30 yrs.ago. Hope all is fine with you. Chablis now has 2 children. One in High School already. She lives in Maine.

    1. Thanks for your note to Sister Dianne, Margie. I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you. I've forwarded your message to Sister, along with your email address.

      (for the Sisters)

  3. Greetings Sr. Dianne. This is Kristen Forgotch. We met at were at St.Bonaventure in NM together. I now live in Columbia, Pennsylvania as an ASC. I would love to connect with you again sometime.

  4. Hello Sr. Dianne,
    It's the Guerra's from OLGC! We're doing great as are the kids. Would love to hear from you.

    God Bless,

    Kim & Jeff

    1. Hello Kim! Thank you for reaching out to Sister Dianne. I've forwarded her your message and email address.

      Happy New Year!

      (for the Sisters)

  5. Greetings Sister Dianne! I knew you would do well from the very first day at SMHS to volunteering at Bon Secours Hospital. Would love to see you again someday. God is good indeed.

    1. Thank you for your kind message, Ellen! I have forwarded it to Sister Dianne.

      (for the Sisters)

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