Christmas Memories from the New England Archives

Do you know anyone in these photos? Remember the event? Let us know by writing us a comment below!


  1. 'tho not dueing those years..I was at Holy Rosary, Lawrence, NDA Tyngsboro, Newton St. Waltham….
    Thank you. Happy Memories… and a Blessed Christmas to all!!!

  2. I went to St Patrick's in Lowell, one of the oldest of the SND schools in America, from 1945 to 1957 – first grade through high school. The high school closed the year I graduated, 1957, and the old buildings and the beautiful grounds were demolished. Everything was replaced by a small building in the middle of a big parking lot. I'm not sure if it's still an SND school. It would have been nice to see some pictures from the old days when the school was flourishing!

    1. Thank you, Mary! We are planning to create web pages for each of our legacy schools, so we will be sure to include the high school aspect of St. Patrick's. It is definitely still a Notre Dame elementary school, headed by Sr. Joanne Sullivan, and it serves students from all over the world!

      (For the Sisters)

  3. Linda, this was fantastic. So many wonderful pictures. Great idea. Wishing you a peaceful holiday!
    Carolyn Goode Hashey

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