Blessed are the lowly… Novena Day 3

Dorothy, your kind and tender relationship with the earth was engendered in you by your father who taught you to love the earth, smell its warm, rich soil and rejoice in what it produced. From your mother, you learned love and generosity for those who have less. We give thanks for Christian parents who model

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A Reflection on Psalm 122

By Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN Rejoice! Let us walk into this day. Let us put our feet firmly onto this earth. This, now, is our pilgrimage into the holy place and time of God. May peace be mine and yours. May we prosper, rich in hope and compassion and care. To all the earth we

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Refresh Your Spirit It's good to step back from the cares of the day and accept refreshment for our souls. One of the characteristics of Notre Dame spirit is celebrating the goodness of God in everyday life. Sister Jon Julie Sullivan's photographs and reflections make us look more closely at the ordinary things we see.

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A Glow of Light

by Sr. Margaret Hoffman, SNDdeN After the solemnity of Lent, Easter Week unfolds in a glow of light with the fragrance of lilies and spring flowers to renew hope and refresh the soul. The mourning doves are back claiming their nest by the front door–new life soon to emerge. Our worldview does not change with

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A Resurrection Reflection

By Sr. Veronica Skillin, SNDdeN Easter time is upon us, and we are surrounded by familiar signs and symbols of renewed life: tree branches dotted with graceful blossoms, fragile tender shoots peeking through dark soil, baby birds pecking their way through protective shells. Sunlight increases; delicate colors surround us. Indeed, all creation seems to throb

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Where Dorothy is Planted

Four years ago after Sister of Notre Dame de Namur Dorothy Stang was murdered by hired gunmen on a lonely road in the Amazon rainforest, Marlene DeNardo was invited by the Sisters in Brazil to spend a study week with their novices and younger Brazilian Sisters. The invitation was a welcome one for Marlene, who,

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Slow Down…

by Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN Slow down Stop the hurry. Be still and quiet so the words that tiptoe along the edge, that pause just beyond the horizon of thought, can find you and you can hear them when they tap-tap at the door of your heart.

I Am the Way

by Kay McMullen, SNDdeN I am the way. I am the temple's veil split open into uncharted wilderness. Water is wine now. The crippled limb is whole and the poor own the Kingdom. I am the empty tomb where failures are broken apart and your sorrows split open into resurrection and life.,

Could It Be?

By Sr. Kay McMullen, SNDdeN Could it be enough to stop the doing? Could it be enough only to take time to sit here? Could it be enough to stop and sit here to watch a bird to learn to see a tree? Could it be enough just to say thanks?


by Kay McMullen, SNDdeN With Mary, I say "yes." (Luke 1:26-28) The light is pale, gray. Wind tosses the branches of the redwoods up the hill. Here, more protected, the oaks are quiet until a stirring, then calm again. Everything–wet, green and gray but sweet with the scent of rain. For a moment I know

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